Business Continuity Solutions

Get to know the most important components of a good business continuity plan and discover how to get professional help in creating and implementing the plan.  

What Does a Great Business Continuity Plan Look Like?

Get to know the most important components of a good business continuity plan and discover how to get professional help in creating and implementing the plan.  

Many MSPs offer disaster recovery plans that help you recover your applications, data, and equipment from any sort of disaster, whether it’s manmade or natural. But is this enough? Nowadays, you need a business continuity plan that takes all of your day-to-day functions into account to ensure you’re able to competently handle ANY problematic event that may come your way.

Business Continuity Planning & Solutions

360 Smart Networks specializes in taking a holistic approach to everything IT-related. You can count on us to create the secure, resilient, speedy, efficient IT infrastructure you need to reach your business goals because we carefully analyze your company’s needs, mode of operation, and objectives before implementing any IT solutions.

We take this same approach when creating a business continuity plan for your company. Our IT professionals will work with you to identify how IT is used by every single department in your business, be it sales, marketing, customer service, product development, or record-keeping. We then identify critical functions you rely on to keep your business in operation. Finally, we create a customized plan to maintain your business operations no matter what happens.

Our three-step business continuity plan, outlined below, ensures your IT system can be restored quickly, easily, and securely in the event of a natural or man-made disaster.

1. Cloud Management and Back-Ups

Our CloudSurance plan ensures that the cloud meets your exact needs at any given point in time. We work with various common operating systems, such as Windows, SQL, Exchange, and Linux to ensure that every single program you use can be moved or copied to the cloud server of your choice. We also create a fully automated, cloud-based back-up program that automatically backs up your files at predetermined intervals.

Furthermore, our CloudSurance plan is backed up by our Securance plan to keep your cloud-based applications and stored data secure at all times. We do regular security audits and offer DNS filtering and scanning, mail scanning, web monitoring, malware scanning and a host of other security services to protect your cloud storage from any form of damage or intrusion.

2. Emergency Response Planning

Do your employees know what to do in the event of a ransomware attack, breach, or natural disaster? Your staff members play an invaluable role in helping to limit damage and get your company back on its feet after a disaster. We work with company management to create and offer customized training so your staff members know how to:

  • Protect important information in the event of a breach
  • Limit the damage done by a ransomware attack
  • Detect and report attempted cyber attacks
  • Get immediate help in the event of a hardware or software crash
  • Work from home should a natural disaster make it impossible to come into the office

3. Regular Testing of Restore Ability

Backing up your files and applications doesn’t guarantee a smooth, quick transition from downtime to uptime. Recent statistics show that half of all attempted restores fail for one reason or another, while 60% of business back-ups aren’t complete.

That’s why we don’t just count on our top-tier cloud service to meet your disaster recovery needs. Instead, we regularly test our restore ability to ensure that your systems are ready to go in the event an unfortunate incident occurs. After every test, we check carefully for gaps, errors, and missing data that could limit your company’s ability to operate after a crash, cyberattack, or disaster. We then adjust your back-up plan to offer the 100% reliable, fast, efficient service you need and deserve.

Business Continuity Solutions From 360 Smart Networks

360 Smart Networks has been in business for nearly twenty years, offering comprehensive, reliable IT solutions to companies throughout Atlanta, Northern Georgia, and Charlotte, NC. Get in touch with us today to discover how we can help you create a winning business continuity plan that meets your exact needs and budget. Call (770) 518-7087 now to get started.

Marius Nel
Published on February 4, 2020
Marius Nel

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