Client Spotlight: Taylor & Associates

Our mission at 360 is to provide quality IT solutions to Metro Atlanta businesses. We wouldn’t able to do what we do without the small and medium businesses we serve. We will be featuring a different client each month to show our appreciation.

Taylor & Associates

Taylor & Associates - Client Spotlight

Who they are

With their 30th anniversary around the corner, Taylor & Associates has a lot to be proud of in 2018. Since 1988, they have dedicated themselves to working in medical and vocational case management.

Taylor & Associates works with employers, insurance carriers, and third-party administrators. They assist clients with case management across Georgia and other parts of the Southeast.

They pride themselves on providing the best service possible by specializing in only case management. This approach allows them to be experts in their field and offer the highest quality cost-effective case management.

What sets them apart

Taylor & Associates has seen a lot of change in the industry over the last few decades. But they have reminded dedicated to providing the highest level of service. They operate by two simple rules. First, the customer is always right, Second, if the customer is wrong, see rule one.

“It’s important to us for our clients to know we take a personal interest in their needs and build relationships with them that last over time. Competition is vigorous in our industry and the client can always go somewhere else,” said Lee Floyd, Taylor & Associates CFO.

Why they chose 360 Smart Networks

In 2005, Taylor & Associates suffered their first network crash and knew it was time to change IT support vendors. Their commitment to providing the best service possible means that they cannot afford for their network to be down.

They then began to look for a vendor that operated with the same philosophy as theirs, unparalleled service at a fair price. Referred to 360 Smart Network’s CEO Marius Nel, they have now been a client for the last 13 years.

“360 knows me, my capabilities and my limitations so they try to offer me many options that fit me and my situation. Their engineers and technical support staff are top-notch. Their response is always fast and efficient,” said Floyd. “360 is so important to our success. I have advised Marius and Nantes they may not retire or sell 360 until I tell them they can, which will be the day after I retire.”

Marius Nel
Published on June 20, 2018
Marius Nel

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