How To Get ERP Users to Upgrade Their Cloud Systems

Get ERP Users to Upgrade Their Cloud Systems

Encouraging ERP users to complete vital cloud system upgrades is made easier through a multi-tiered approach that focuses on flexibility and innovation.  

Technology might be prevalent in every aspect of life, but that doesn’t mean that ERP users are more inclined to actively upgrade their cloud systems. In fact, one of the greatest challenges that vendors face is convincing ERP users about the importance of vital system upgrades. The solution to this frustrating challenge can be found in the benefit-driven reasons behind necessary upgrades.

Leverage The Flexibility Of A Multi-tenant System.

A modern, multi-tenant system can help ERP users overcome their preconditioned fear of upgrades and the potential inconveniences that they represent. The multi-tenant system is designed to enhance the user interface. It also gives ERP customers the flexibility that they need to implement upgrades on a user-by-user basis. Alternatively, customers can also complete upgrades on a function-by-function basis. The latter strategy means that ERP customers are less likely to put off the necessary upgrades. Instead, they can choose to either implement the upgrades in a less disruptive manner that is appealing to the entire organization.

Use Innovation As An Incentive.

If ERP users are dragging their feet and failing to complete necessary upgrades, then you can use innovation as the incentive that they need to download and install the latest system upgrade. For example, you might choose to only offer the latest system enhancements via an upgrade. The latter strategy ensures that customers complete the upgrade if they want to enjoy the multitude of benefits. Whether the new upgrade includes a sequence planning and control tool, security and segregation of duties features, or a built-in knowledge center, there are numerous ways that you can use value propositions and innovative features to incentivize your customers to complete the necessary upgrades.

Create A Step-by-Step Upgrade Strategy.

It’s no secret that many ERP users don’t complete upgrades out of fear of the unknown. The latter user group doesn’t want to take the time needed to learn a “new platform.” The good news is that you can use a step-by-step upgrade strategy to help users overcome their unnecessary fears of the unknown. The step-by-step strategy might include the following five phases.

  1. A Guided Discovery. — Take the time needed to create explanatory videos and marketing materials that highlight the differences and benefits between the old and new systems.
  2. Offer Self-Support and Help Desk Support. — Is the update complex or simple? Depending on the answer to the latter question, you can create the materials needed to guide your users through the update. Simple updates might need self-support documents, while more complex changes could be made easier with a dedicated help desk.
  3. Setup and Validation. — Let customers know if they can implement the upgrade on a user-by-user or function-by-function basis. With these two strategies in mind, you can encourage customers to take an incremental approach to the upgrade, so that potential disruptions are avoided.
  4. Offer End-User Training. — Fear of the unknown, coupled with the annoyance of learning a new system, are the two primary reasons that ERP users fail to upgrade their systems. Through cutover scripts and easy to follow end-user training you can eliminate the latter fears. In short, customers need to see the upgrades as vital and easy to implement.
  5. Stabilize The Journey. — Monitor the before, during, and after stages of the upgrade, so that you can promptly resolve any outstanding issues. By creating a stable journey you can make the transition to the new system as seamless as possible.

In conclusion, through a multi-tenant system, the power of innovation, and a step-by-step upgrade strategy you can remove the technical barriers associated with ERP cloud system upgrades. Furthermore, by encouraging users to complete upgrades in an incremental fashion, you can eliminate disruptions to their customer base, while simultaneously creating the foundation needed for timely upgrades. Help your customers discover the security and usability benefits of system upgrades today.

Marius Nel
Published on September 14, 2019
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