Why CrowdStrike is The Ultimate IT Security Solution for Financial Service Firms

Financial service firms have a lot on the line when it comes to data security. This leaves many organizations in the finance industry in a permanent state of stress – trying to determine if their IT security solutions are up to snuff.

360 Smart Networks Provides Support & Consulting for CrowdStrike Cybersecurity Solutions

Financial service firms have a lot on the line when it comes to data security. This leaves many organizations in the finance industry in a permanent state of stress – trying to determine if their IT security solutions are up to snuff. With the Cloud creating increased business opportunities for finance organizations of all kinds, many are trying to balance the new benefits with increased risk. We work with financial service firms all the time and we always recommend that same IT security solution: CrowdStrike. Read on to learn why.

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CrowdStrike IT Security Solutions for the Financial Services Industry

Understanding how CrowdStrike is helping financial service firms stay secure and compliant

Our professional IT services firm works with businesses and organizations of all shapes and sizes and from all industries. For us, CrowdStrike’s security solutions are the ultimate fit for every organization we work with. That’s why we weren’t surprised to learn that it’s one of the most trusted security solutions for finance industry giants across the country.

In fact, CrowdStrike is used by 3 out of the 10 most profitable finance companies in the country and 5 out of the 10 biggest finance companies in the country. Finance professionals from across the nation have raved about CrowdStrike’s streamlined, secure, and efficient Cloud security solution.

This got us thinking; many finance organizations we consult with aren’t even aware that CrowdStrike exists. We’re on a mission to explain why Cloud security is so important – especially for finance companies – and why CrowdStrike is the ultimate solution for maintaining secure data transmission and regulatory compliance.

Why It Matters: Cyber Threats & Regulations in the Financial Services Industry

The fact of the matter is, the financial services industry is one of the most prime targets for sophisticated cybercriminals. As the digital transformation has revolutionized the finance industry, the avenues for data theft and cyber-attacks have increased immensely. This has made it much more difficult for finance organizations to securely manage and protect customer data and has resulted in increasingly strict industry compliance regulations.

Here are the top three reasons why cybersecurity is so important for finance organizations:

  1. Highly targeted industry – Increasingly sophisticated cyber-criminals understand that finance companies are gold-mines, and these hackers are constantly looking for unauthorized routes to access customer data.
  2. Frequent, persistent, and highly-sophisticated attacks – The tools and means used by cybercriminals against finance companies are increasingly agile, strategic, and persistent, making it hard for finance and IT professionals to keep up.
  3. Regulatory compliance – The more dangerous that data environment becomes, the stricter industry compliance regulations become, making the lives of finance professionals even more complicated.

Why CrowdStrike Security Solutions are the Top Choice for Financial Institutions

Simply put, CrowdStrike offers a revolutionary end-point security solution for financial institutions of all shapes and sizes. CrowdStrike offers an entirely new way of providing data security and protection, by deploying Cloud technology to detect, prevent, and respond to targeted internal and external threats on any endpoint. It also positions financial organizations perfectly to uphold key industry compliance regulations.

Overall, CrowdStrike is a solution that offers an incredibly straightforward and innovative approach to data security for the finance industry. CrowdStrike deploys endpoint security, security operations, and threat intelligence technology, united in one lightweight application.

Celebrated for being comprehensive, scalable, and compliant, CrowdStrike can identify more than 1 trillion threats per week and stops data attacks in real-time. This means better, protection, better performance, and significant return-on-investment potential.

Here are the top reasons CrowdStrike is the best choice for IT security in the financial services industry:

  • Dynamic Endpoint Security – CrowdStrike offers comprehensive endpoint protection that exceeds beyond basic security support to offer optimized operations and unrivaled prevention, visibility, detection, and response.
  • Support with Industry Compliance – CrowdStrike is certified to help finance organizations with critical PCI, FFIEC, and NIST compliance regulations, including malware defense, cardholder data access, security monitoring, and security system testing.
  • Maximum, Full-Environment Protection – CrowdStrike helps finance institutions respond to the challenges associated with digital transformation and offers a SaaS solution that prevents threats and protects all on-premise, virtual, and hybrid endpoints

Finding a CrowdStrike Consultation & Support Provider

Hopefully, we’ve made a convincing argument so far and you’re considering using CrowdStrike to up the data security game in your finance office. However, even if you like what you hear, you may still be wondering the best way to choose, implement, and optimize CrowdStrike solutions in your office. That’s why, above anything else, we recommend partnering with a team of IT professionals who have experience deploying and optimizing CrowdStrike technology for the finance industry.

Here’s how a support provider should assist with your CrowdStrike experience:

  • Open communication & clear consultation – Find a partner who is willing to have an open conversation with you about your security needs and the best CrowdStrike solutions to address specific challenges.
  • Implementation support – Choose a partner who is willing to help you implement whatever CrowdStrike technology you decide on efficiently and effectively.
  • Strategic positioning – The right support partner will have a plan for positioning your CrowdStrike solutions strategically, in a way that best supports your needs and compliance requirements.
  • Ongoing management and support – Finally, don’t settle for anything less than a support provider who is in it for the long-haul – ready and willing to provide ongoing management, support, and scalable optimization.

If your financial services firm is ready to learn more about CrowdStrike and how to deploy the security solutions strategically, we welcome you to reach out to the team of IT professionals from 360 Smart Networks. Our team is a proud CrowdStrike partner and can help you with every step from consultation, to deployment, to ongoing maintenance and optimization.

It’s time for your financial services firm to get strategic with IT security and CrowdStrike is the ultimate solution. The team of IT experts from 360 Smart Networks can help. Reach out for consultation or deployment support anytime.

Marius Nel
Published on January 5, 2020
Marius Nel

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