Currey & Company Trusts 360 Smart Networks to Provide a Range of IT Services

In 2013, Currey & Company reached out to 360 Smart Networks to help them achieve a more stable infrastructure to support their ongoing organizational growth.

Currey & Company Trusts 360 Smart Networks to Provide a Range of IT Services That Are Instrumental to Their Growth

Atlanta IT Support

Currey & Company is a wholesale manufacturer of distinctive home furnishings, including lighting, furniture, and accent pieces. Their headquarters is in Atlanta, Georgia with Currey International located in the Philippines, India, and China. They also have an International Sales Office in Hong Kong. Currey & Company are represented by sales reps throughout the United States and Internationally with their offerings being displayed in permanent showrooms in Dallas, Atlanta, High Point, New York, and Las Vegas. Their products can be found for sale in a variety of retail venues and designer studies.

The Challenge

A Need for Stable, Secure Infrastructure to Support the Business Capabilities of a Growing Company

Similar to any high-growth company with offices throughout the region, Currey & Company heavily relied on technology to help them keep up with business demand, manage employees, fulfill customer orders, and ultimately, maintain their success over the years. Eventually, Currey & Company knew they needed a more reliable level of technical support to help them keep up in a fast-paced industry.

In 2013, Currey & Company reached out to 360 Smart Networks to help them achieve a more stable infrastructure to support their ongoing organizational growth. Initially, 360 Smart Networks was brought on to provide IT support for their headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, as well as their showrooms throughout the United States and some international employees using remote access.

The Solution

An IT Services Provider to Provide a Range of Essential Services That Became Instrumental in Their Growth Over the Years

Since they signed on with 360 Smart Networks, Currey & Company has been able to focus exclusively on running and growing their company while 360 Smart Networks takes care of their technology requirements. They provide the following:

  • A comprehensive, multi-layered security solution
  • Onsite/offsite backup and disaster recovery
  • Onsite/remote support
  • Consulting services
  • Design and project implementation services

Ultimately, 360 Smart Networks ensures they have the stable, secure infrastructure they need to stay protected and operate efficiently. In 2014, 360 Smart Networks helped Currey & Company with their office expansion, including the following:

  • A new phone system
  • A firewall replacement
  • A revamp of the conference room setups

In 2016, 360 Smart Networks performed some upgrades to their battery backup design and setup. Over time, they also upgraded and standardized their showrooms as needed with best-of-breed wireless to ensure accessibility during trade shows. In addition, they improved their remote access server for local and international users, as well as raising the security levels for remote access. Later in 2016, they provided a new server and SAN infrastructure to ensure scalability and growth.

In 2017, 360 Smart Networks further enhanced the security of their email filtering leveraging a superior filtering system that provides backup/archiving in addition to security enhancements. In 2018, they added multi-factor authentication for remote access. In an effort to improve their ERP and accounting system, they added servers as needed, then designed and implemented their test environment for their ERP system.

As the year went on, 360 Smart Networks continued to make improvements as needed, such as designing and implementing a replacement wireless solution for their warehouse and upgrading the data closets connecting back to the main IT room. At this point in time, they’re working on a few projects:

  • Migrating from an onsite email server to Microsoft Office 365
  • Upgrading their Internet services to faster fiber connections
  • Improving their endpoint protection to combat evolving cyberthreats

360 Smart Networks acts as the entire IT department for small to large enterprises looking to enhance their business capabilities through times of high-growth. 

Marius Nel
Published on January 7, 2020
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