Our Cybersecurity Perspective for Enterprise-Level Organizations: The Security-First Approach

To say the least, it’s an interesting time to be working in the realm of cybersecurity.

Research (and our experience) indicates that cybercrime is rising at a rapid rate – becoming more sophisticated and coordinated than ever before.

You’ve seen the headlines and they absolutely support this fact. Major companies are finding themselves falling victim to cybercrime.

Accenture found that security breaches have increased by 67% over the past 5 years alone. Does this mean enterprise-level organizations need a security-first approach? And what happens if they DON’T have one?

What is a Security-First Approach?

Let’s first take a look at what it means to have a security-first approach. When we use a security-first approach, our first priority is to secure your systems as a whole. Our second priority then is to maintain those systems for maximum efficiency and the protection of IT assets. Why do we prioritize our work this way? When IT systems aren’t built for security, there are inevitable holes in the design.

Those holes leave the organization vulnerable, but that vulnerability was preventable. By incorporating security into your IT architecture rather than considering it as a feature to add on later, we build an integrated security system for your corporation that provides comprehensive protection across the board.

To answer our question above… Enterprise-level organizations absolutely need this type of security-first approach. If they DON’T have one, they risk becoming yet another victim to cybercrime, which brings a costly aftermath in terms of recovering from lost data, damaged customer trust, and of course, a tarnished reputation.

Our security-first approach is summed up in our integrated suite of services that we call TekSurance. TekSurance is based on our philosophy of protection, detection, and mitigation. Our TekSurance offering can be most easily understood through it’s three individual components:

  • Securance: designing, and managing a multi-layered, integrated cybersecurity solution that combines defensive walls of protection, continuous monitoring for threat detection, and strategic countermeasures.
  • Maintenance and Support: leveraging our friendly and experienced team of IT specialists to resolve troubleshooting requests and answer your employees day-to-day technology questions.
  • CloudSurance: backing up and securing data and workflow within the cloud so that an organization can continue to operate when impacted by a negative criminal, natural, or human error circumstance that limits local access to data and internal processes. CloudSurance works on Windows servers, Windows workstations, VMWare, ESXi, Hyper-V, Exchange, SQL, and Linux.

The Essential Features of a Security-First Approach

What does security by design look like? Rather than a piecemeal collection of tools from various vendors, it is a comprehensive web of integrated cybersecurity components that can include:

  • AV/Malware scanning
  • Web monitoring
  • DNS filtering
  • Web filter
  • DNS scanning
  • Firewall
  • Email scanning
  • Reporting
  • Phishing
  • Security Audits
  • Intrusion detection
  • Leak protection
  • Staff training

These tools link together to protect your organization’s servers, desktops, laptops, browser, tablets, and phones. When security measures are paired with deduplicated backups, even an artfully designed attack won’t knock your corporation off course.

When You Stay Secure, You Stay Compliant

Security is no longer optional. As data privacy laws evolve and levy harsher fines, it’s up to your organization to take the steps necessary to protect your shareholders’ investment and your customers’ privacy. To help our clients stay compliant with industry standards and legislative mandates, we care for the IT side of compliance to, among others, the following standards:

Putting out fires isn’t a type of security; it’s damage control. 360 Smart Networks harnesses the power of a security-first approach to allow organizations to have concentric walls of protection around their corporation’s data and workflow. Securance isn’t just a firewall or anti-virus. It is a multi-level integrated suite of tools that works with your architecture to strengthen your security from the inside out.

Get started with a security-first approach now. Call (770) 518-7087 or email us at sales@360smartnet.com to talk about how we can help you prevent vulnerabilities now and in the future.