Enterprise IT Services

Get to know a leading enterprise IT services provider that can offer your business the tools, services, and expert assistance you need to grow your business.  

Enterprise IT Services from 360 Smart Networks

Get to know a leading enterprise IT services provider that can offer your business the tools, services, and expert assistance you need to grow your business.  

The right IT technology and assistance can boost profits while enabling a company to save time and money, reach business goals, and remain compliant with industry regulations. That’s why a growing number of small and mid-size businesses are turning to IT managed service providers such as 360 Smart Networks for top-tier IT products, services, and assistance.

Enterprise IT Services | Atlanta & Charlotte

360 Smart Networks works with small to mid-size businesses throughout Atlanta, Georgia, and Charlotte, North Carolina. We offer practical assistance, IT hardware and software, IT services and more to ensure your IT set-up is fully optimized and secure at all times. Check out our services to discover how we can best help your business.


Recent statistics show that 94% of all businesses use a cloud service. It’s not hard to see why, as cloud usage lowers IT costs, allows employees to collaborate with ease, makes backing up data a breeze, and so much more.

Want to implement a cloud storage solution that is customized to meet the needs of your business. We can help. 360 Smart Networks offers:

  • Cloud solutions that are compatible with various systems, including Windows, Linux, Exchange, and SQL
  • Back-up timing options that enable you to automatically back up your entire system at the timed intervals that work best for your company
  • Encryption that keeps documents secure while in storage and as they are being moved to/from the cloud


hacker attack occurs every 39 seconds, and more than 40% of victims are small business owners who can’t afford to hire full-time IT support experts to manage their systems. That’s why 360 Smart Networks specializes in helping SMBs by providing access to the same cybersecurity tools that large companies use, but at an affordable price. We offer the following cybersecurity services:

  • Mail scanning
  • DNS filtering and scanning
  • AV/Malware scanning
  • Intrusion detection
  • Web filtering and monitoring
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Security audits
  • Security training


Many of our clients have an in-house IT technician. We understand that many small business owners only need certain services and products from us, so we make it easy for you to get the help you need without having to pay for products, services, and tools you won’t use.

On the other hand, those who need full-time IT assistance and support can benefit from our TekSurance package. This package includes both CloudSurance and Securance services, in addition to the following forms of assistance:

  • Proactive technology management
  • Unlimited on-site and remote support
  • Network administration
  • Technology planning
  • Strategy consulting and budgeting
  • Vendor and procurement management
  • New system installation
  • Complete project management
  • Emergency, after-hours support

360 Smart Networks Enterprise IT Services

360 Smart Networks has been in business since 2002, helping SMB owners install, monitor, secure, and optimize their IT set-ups to provide their customers with the best possible service while keeping business costs at a minimum and staying in step with local, state, and federal industry regulations. Our team specializes in servicing architectural, engineering, construction, and industrial firms, enabling those who work in these fields to avail themselves of top-tier IT solutions and services at a reasonable price.

Do you need enterprise IT services for your company? If so, get in touch with us to learn more about what we have to offer or to make an appointment with our team of IT experts.

Marius Nel
Published on January 23, 2020
Marius Nel

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