Enterprise IT Services

360 Smart Networks offers enterprise-level IT services for organizations in Atlanta and across North Georgia. Our clients know their companies can’t survive or grow if they ignore analytics, cloud computing, real-time mobility, and other advanced digital technologies. They come to us because they understand the importance of fine-tuned technology to power all of their business processes.

Enterprise IT Services for Atlanta & North Georgia Companies

360 Smart Networks Helps Companies with 25 Employees or More Leverage Technology as an Integral Part of Their Strategy to Drive Corporate Growth

Gartner found that 56% of CEOs indicated digital technologies enabled them to improve their profits.

enterprise IT services

IT Services For Enterprise Corporations In Atlanta

When used as an integral part of your strategy, technology has the potential to drive significant corporate growth. 360 Smart Networks helps companies with 25 employees or more leverage technology properly for the purpose of achieving organizational objectives. We serve as the outsourced IT department for our clients.

Our team of IT systems professionals works alongside any existing internal IT resources.

Securance – Network & IT Security

Most companies take nearly 6 months to detect a security breach. Even huge corporations, such as Capital One or Equifax, aren’t immune to slow detection times. 360 Smart Networks Securance is a complete, end-to-end cybersecurity service that offers a level of IT protection that no standalone, unintegrated software could match. It’s a multi-layer, integrated system that blocks, filters, and detects any unauthorized attacks before the damage is done. Securance provides:

  • Email security
  • Sandboxing
  • Web security
  • Data Archiving
  • Ransomware and access protection
  • Cyber awareness training
  • Endpoint protection

Cybercrime is the greatest threat to companies around the world, especially those with 25 employees or more that are looking to continue growing.

CloudSurance – Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Disasters happen. Whether it’s an equipment failure, natural disaster, human error or something else, disaster can be incredibly costly to recover from. But what is that cost? Of course, employee overtime and third-party services are typically considered when we think about the cost of recovery. But there are other aspects to factor into the cost of recovery, such as loss of production that leads to lost sales, lost customers, and in some cases, damage to your reputation.

CloudSurance offers disaster recovery and business continuity services trusted by every single one of our clients. Cloud backups are simply not enough. If your data backup strategy isn’t complete and fails to offer multi-layered protection, you’re not protected. CloudSurance insures you against the worst-case scenario and uses a daily server backup that verifies your entire network infrastructure is completely backed up.

360 Smart Networks believes that multiple layers of backup are a must in today’s data-dependent world. Technology is integrated into every activity and having backups of your businesses and putting to practice a reliable information technology security system is what makes us unique in the Atlanta and North Georgia market.

IT Infrastructure Maintenance & Support

Regardless of how well your IT infrastructure is set up, calling support is a reality – no matter how well your initial IT stack was deployed. 360 Smart Networks offers a proactive technology management program – designed to save your organization time by cutting down on the number of support calls your staff makes to an IT service desk. The 360 Smart Networks managed IT service offers network and IT infrastructure design, support and maintenance, help desk services, and strategic IT leadership.

360 Smart Networks offers a dedicated team of fully certified, dedicated, and trained IT support professionals. They provide:

  • Unlimited remote and onsite support
  • Technology planning
  • After-hours emergency support
  • Network administration
  • Secure client management

All IT services are designed to scale as your organization’s needs change.


360 Smart Networks provides organizations throughout Metro Atlanta and North Georgia with a full team of Information Technology specialists who can help with any new IT project or offer support for your ongoing IT projects. Our project team can help with:

  • Network deployments
  • Desktop rollouts
  • Microsoft Office 365 Migrations
  • And more
  • Security Upgrades

360 Smart Networks specializes in:

Nowadays, digital transformation is vital to the success of any given organization. It’s no longer something to consider in the future but an initiative that needs to be tied closely to the overall strategy of your company. Projects are an essential part of investing in digital transformation to stay relevant and create opportunities. Why not make sure you have a team of experts completing those projects on-time and within budget?

TekSurance Assist

Finding qualified staff members is difficult. 360 Smart Networks serves you by bringing IT professionals with specialized skill sets to help fill gaps in your current IT staff. This is ideal if you’re struggling with:

  • Internal resources falling behind on projects

  • Excessive wait times for a response from support professionals

  • A lack of knowledge on specific technologies or policies

The 360 Smart Networks TekSurance Assist program provides your internal IT team with the complementary resources needed to get the job done. TekSurance Assist works for companies who want to maintain an in-house team but don’t want an entire IT department. 360 Smart Networks assists with:

  • Security systems

  • Backup management

  • Management systems

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