TekSurance Assist


Supplementing existing IT departments and/or individuals

“We love working with other IT professionals.”

IT support for internal IT teams in Georgia


Our goal at 360 Smart Networks is always to help our clients move their businesses forward by offering high-quality IT support. We provide them with the services and tools they need to get the job done right. You might hear “managed service provider” and assume there is no room for an internal IT staff in outsourced IT support. We get that a lot.

Spoiler alert: We love working with other IT professionals. In fact, we already work with internal IT teams from businesses across Georgia. We have been able to help them control unnecessary costs, increase productivity, security, and bottom line profitability through our expertise and state of the art systems.

Our TekSurance Assist service was created to help foster collaboration between our engineers and the IT rock stars that keep their companies thriving.

We can take care of all the supplemental IT support services, so you can focus on the big picture. We’ll also provide tools and processes your team can leverage to support your business and reach your own goals.

Why choose TekSurance Assist?

TekSurance Assist is an integrated combination of systems and services designed to supplement existing IT departments and/or individuals. It provides security, backup, and management systems in combination with the required tools to maximize the efficiency and cost-benefit of existing IT resources.

As your IT support team, we’re here to help you plan, execute, expand and even go on vacation without everyone in the office calling you.



  • Documented and continuously updated systems entries
  • Expert procurement resources and technology architects
  • Gold standard managed cybersecurity software and services
  • Asset management resulting in accurate budgeting and planning
  • Industry-leading managed backup and disaster hardware, software, and services
  • Strategic planning resources with subject matter experts
  • Flexible helpdesk availability for peak demand situations
  • Outsourcing of low value-add, high-hour demand support, and maintenance tasks
  • Helpdesk and on-site availability for after-hours support and maintenance
  • Time tracking system for existing resources
  • Access to enterprise-grade monitoring, remediation systems, and solutions architects
  • Ticket management system for tracking issues and request


  • Best of breed security
  • Industry-leading BUDR
  • More strategic IT
  • Expert project roll-outs
  • Accurate IT planning
  • Accurate IT budgets
  • Retention of IT staff
  • Less stressful environment
  • Management reports
  • Standardized systems
  • IT continuity
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