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“What is your plan in the event of a complete loss of data or a ransomware situation?”

CloudSurance is an industrial grade backup and disaster recovery solution designed with small and medium businesses in mind. When the bad guys inevitably breach our Securance front lines, CloudSurance is there to keep your business technology running. It assumes the worst: a complete loss of data, site and subsystems. What makes the CloudSurance unique is the fact that we do not rely solely on automated systems to keep your data safe. Every server back-up is checked daily to ensure the backups are, in fact, up-to-date and functional. I don’t know… maybe we’re a little paranoid when it comes to IT backup solutions, but as one of the top tech companies in Atlanta, we provide the software, hardware and everything in between to make sure we can recover your data in almost any event.

Managed IT Service providers in Atlanta all offer backups as a service. Backup systems are all pretty standard with the various vendors touting their abilities as to how fast and reliable they all are. The various programs all offer variations on how much data is stored on and offsite, hardware, SLA’s etc, and all flow into each other as a 100% commoditized offering. In most cases, it is a line item on an invoice and corporate officers sleep soundly at night.”


This is probably the single biggest mistake we see being made by corporate clients and is, unfortunately, being enabled by Managed Service Providers who do not realize the absolute importance of this function.

The backup and disaster recovery systems are, by far, the most important system you have and trumps everything by a factor of 100. The simple fact is that the backup system is your final chance — your only “get out of jail free” card — and the only insurance you absolutely have to have.

It’s the last piece to your cyber security system, the last component of your operational system, and, quite frankly, the only system that is going to save you.

As the cyber security environment gets worse on a daily basis, the odds of your entire system being compromised by ransomware and/or a hacking breach are getting worse by the day. When this happens, hope and pray that the system you have in place is sufficient.

360 Smart Networks recognizes this and, as such, offers as a non-negotiable piece of our TekSurance Program, Cloudsurance. Our Disaster and Recovery offering.

On face value, it looks the same as almost every other realistic offering out there. However, the difference is in the execution and management. CloudSurance takes all the guesswork and uninformed opinion-making out of the equation.

Our system provides the absolute standard in Backup and Disaster Recovery. We provide the hardware, software, and on-site and off-site storage, integrated with our management and support function at a fixed cost, regardless of the space required that is going to make you whole in the case of data or system loss.

At 360 Smart Networks, we live, eat, and sleep backups with no compromise. The integrated system combined with our internal quality control systems provides us with the confidence to remediate in the event of a disaster. We have left no stone unturned.

Every corporate client we have met, without exception, has made the statement that they have a backup system and that they are happy with it. Backup systems are not shades of grey but black and white. The current cyber security threats we see are making that clearer by the day.

You have a backup system and you are happy with it? You sleep well at night.

Ask yourself the following questions:

1. Are my backups connected directly to my system via USB, Ethernet (NAS) or server?
2. Is my backup server on my domain?
3. Is my Managed Service Provider reselling a third party managed solution?
4. Are my on-site backups encrypted and, if so, where are the encryption keys?
5. Do I have off-site backups?
6. Do I know who has access to my off-site backups?
7. Are the off-site backups encrypted?
8. Are the off-site backups in a facility that is secure?
9. Do I have any access to the off-site facility from my own network?
10. Are my backups being regularly tested?
11. Are my backups being manually checked and verified daily?
12. Do I know the schedule of backups and understand the limitations of backup periods?
13. Do you have backups of your cloud information?

If you answered no to any of these questions or do not understand what they mean you do NOT, in fact, have a backup system. Every one of these questions represents a known or recent vector exploited by hackers to destroy or render backups useless. If you are without backups, you are without options.

Remember that your backup system is your time machine, regardless of your exact situation, if you can solve the problem by going back in time the system is the only way you can do it. This can be for a single file or an entire system.

In the past, we had backups to protect against corruption, accidental deletions, server failures and the odd virus infection. Today we are protecting against the known threats above, the known unknowns, and most importantly and worrying the unknown unknowns.

360 Smart Networks created CloudSurance as the absolute standard in Backup and Disaster Recovery systems. The system was designed to be a true managed backup solution without any gotchas or gray areas and taking into account functionality and reliability above all other parameters.

Managed Service Providers in Atlanta offering backup solutions quite often do not pay enough attention to this and their systems reflect a philosophy of cost-cutting. They use the cheapest hardware combined with the cheapest software and then neglect the daily management as they, most likely, did not account for the costs of doing so. The result is a checkbox stating that you have a backup system but does not reflect the reality.

As we move rapidly into a cloud future, it is important to understand and to be able to fully recover in the case of outages of any kind. 360 Smart networks understand this and our CloudSurance offering addresses this in its entirety allowing our customers to confidently check that box and to sleep well at night.

Industrial Backup and Disaster Recovery:

Data is sent off-site either continuously or on a schedule depending on bandwidth availability.

Works on Cable or Fiber (Suggested: 10Mbps)

1. Servers backed up in 15-minute to 24-hour increments to on-site 360 Smart Networks equipment.

2. Ability to rapidly create VM standby machines.

3. Data is re-duplicated and sent off-site.

4. Less than 2% server performance overhead.


No Changing Tapes, Complete On/Off-Site, Rapid Recovery, Server Recovery, Site-Loss Recovery, No Data Backup Window, No Data Overage Costs, Comprehensive BDR, Low Server Overhead, Deduplication, Daily Backup Checks, Encryption at Rest, Encryption in Transit


Windows Servers, Windows Workstations, VMWare ESXi, Hyper-V, Exchange, SQL, and Linux

Industrial Backup and Disaster Recovery

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