Unlike other Atlanta IT consulting companies, we are able to offer our 100% money-back guarantee on projects.

Our Project Team is an exceptional team of engineers with the required knowledge and experience to handle almost any build required. Because we do not mix our Projects and Support Teams, our engineers are able to complete projects within budget and on time.

Once a project is completed, the new systems are handed off to our Support Team to manage and maintain.

IT consulting firms in Atlanta are pretty good at selling and installing a multitude of systems and services. The problem, however, is that most customers do not understand that any IT system or service is a living organism. The misconception that you buy a system, install it and then forget about it attributes to the unfortunate fact that most systems start off performing great but then almost immediately start degrading. Unfortunately, installing a system and then abandoning it does not lend itself to efficiency or cost control.


Our Specialities:

Cloud Migrations (Office 365, Azure, AWS), On-Site Systems based on the Microsoft Stack, Network and Related Service (Voice and Data), Tier One Hardware – HP, Dell, IBM, Cisco

IT Consulting Firm in Atlanta

360 Smart Networks understands this better than any other IT company in Atlanta and, as such, does not offer our project services to nonsupport clients. Our project team is an integral part of our TekSurance program and forms the basis of our technology stack.

No project can be efficiently completed without knowledge of the environment. With the project function being part of our managed service offering, our project team has everything at their fingertips to provide the correct solution at the correct time.

Our process starts during onboarding a new client. We create complete system documentation to allow us the ability to efficiently manage and maintain a corporate IT infrastructure. The manuals and documentation are then used to determine a baseline for future projects that are needed to stabilize the environment and engineer it in such a way to achieve the specific business goals.

Atlanta IT consulting firms often list services options like backups, cloud email, cloud servers, antivirus, etc. The problem, however, is that none of these are real stand-alone services, but rather building blocks used to construct machines providing a business function.

Our dedicated engineering team consists of certified engineers with a combined 120+ years of experience with the ability to build bespoke on-site, hybrid-cloud, and full-cloud solutions to perform as needed. All systems are architected using in-house knowledge of the existing systems, implemented according to a set of standards and then handed off to our dedicated Maintenance and Support team to make ensure everything works as designed after the implementation.

A common mistake made by IT Consulting Firms in Atlanta is that system implementations are viewed as incidental. Something as simple as installing a switch or as complicated as doing a forklift migration into AWS are done using a very simple process of discovery and implementation, before abruptly then moving on to the next project.

This process, cheap and efficient as it may seem, is extremely short-sighted. It’s true that almost anyone can install anything by pressing next, next, and then complete. The problem, though, is that not understanding the implication of a “default install” causes more problems than it solves. Even a simple server installation has thousands of yes, no, if/then decisions that must be understood to allow for a successful implementation. On top of the actual skill and knowledge required, common-sense project management principals and documentation requirements are often overlooked.

The 360 Project team prides itself in their ability to properly identify and scope projects, procure the correct equipment, manage the implementation of the project with specific emphasis on communication and documentation, and then complete the process by handing it off to Maintenance and Support. By understanding the global picture and recognizing how every system and subsystem will impact operations, security, and workflows, our project team can more efficiently and cost-effectively complete both the simple and immensely complex project on time and within budget.

Over the last 17 years, 360 Smart Networks has built thousands of servers and networks, moved clients to the cloud, moved clients back from the cloud, fixed an untold amount of systemic issues, and generally kept our clients current and safe.

We have a depth of knowledge and experience to achieve success with infrastructure solution encompassing vendors and technologies, amongst others:

1. Microsoft On-site systems (SQL, Exchange, Domains)
2. Virtualization (Hyper-V, VMWare)
3. Cloud Migrations (File, Mail, Servers)
4. Cloud Providers ( Azure, AWS)
5. Hardware systems (HP, DELL, Cisco)
6. Networking (FW, VPN, MPLS, SD-WAN)

Our project team also routinely works with line-of-business vendors to make sure their infrastructure requirements are met. The list of vendors encompassing almost every medium business size CRM, ERM ERP, PMS, and accounting system we have worked with and supported is extensive.

As part of our internal quality control system, we also utilize our project team to do Research and Development. Unfortunately, the new normal has become that vendors will go to market with systems and services that are not ready for release. Their sales people do not even understand the actual limitations of the products they sell and, more often than not, limitations and issues are not apparent until well after systems have been installed.

Every new system or service to be incorporated into the 360 technology stack is extensively tested and stressed to completely understand the unintended consequences and limitations prior to eventual release to our customer base.

Our Project team works very closely with Maintenance and Support to correctly identify projects required to keep the existing system functioning as well as identify areas where new systems may be needed. A feedback loop is used to feed systemic issues back to the project team to identify better solutions and upgrade path and options.

Unlike other Atlanta IT consulting companies, we are able to offer our 100% money back guarantee on projects. If it doesn’t work as designed then well refund your investment 100%.

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