Keep up with tech news with these quick tips

Keep up with tech news with these tips

Breaking news: Keeping up with the news is overwhelming. Especially tech news, where there seems to be a new product, policy or threat every day.

That’s why we created a short list of tips for keeping up with tech industry news.

Find a news app that works for you

There are many great news apps that will curate industry news for you like Apple News, Google News, Flipboard, and Feedly. Select one and use it to follow trends, topics, and publications that are relevant to you. For example, Tech Crunch is great for those interested in startups and apps, but ZDNet might appeal more to someone working as an IT professional. Other great publications include MIT’s Technology Review, Wired, and NY Times Bits.

Set Google Alerts for terms or companies you want to follow.

You may already have a Google Alert set up for your own business and industry, but consider setting it up for tech news and trends you want to follow, such as “cybersecurity Atlanta” or “Fintech startups.” You can also set your alert to a specific source, language and region to help narrow down broader terms.

Subscribe to tech newsletters.

Get news and advice sent straight to your inbox by subscribing to daily, weekly or monthly newsletters from your favorite news outlets, blogs, the companies behind your favorite products and applications or even your IT support company. (Psst. 360 Smart Networks has a bi-monthly newsletter).

Listen to podcasts about tech.

Podcasts are a great way to get into the right mindset for work during your commute. They can also give you great background noise while you clean your home or do other mundane tasks. A good host can also make the news a little easier to understand and offer advice you can apply in real life.

Marius Nel
Published on April 18, 2019
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