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TekSurance: Atlanta’s Managed IT Services

Whether working with existing in-house IT staff or taking care of your managed IT services Atlanta in its entirety, we have the capacity to provide the ultimate IT functionality as an IT company in Atlanta.

TekSurance is a comprehensive integrated suite of products, services, and protocols consisting of Securance, CloudSurance, IT maintenance & support, and projects. It is designed to provide businesses with the required level of security, backup, disaster recovery, and support to efficiently conduct their operations. We promise that we really tried to make that less wordy.

Already have an internal IT team? We would love to collaborate with them! Check out our TekSurance Assist solution.  

But, it’s true. This is what makes us “us” and able to provide you with insurance against technological disaster.
Keep reading to see how we do it:



Endpoint Protection
Web Security and URL Filter
Email Security
100% Uptime
Archiving and Legal Hold
Active Ransomware and Access Protection
Cyber Awareness Training
Compliance Solutions

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Industrial Backups and Disaster Recovery
Encrypted Backups
All Hardware Provided
All Software Provided
Daily Checks
Contextual High Availability
Syst Restore – by File or System

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Maintenance & Support

Proactive Technology Management
Unlimited Onsite and Remote Support
Emergency After-Hours Support
Helpdesk via Phone, Email, and Portal
Network Administration
Technology Planning
Secure Client Data Management
Vendor and Procurement Management
Strategy Consulting and Budgeting

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New System Installations
System Migrations – Server & Network
Complete Project Management
Cloud-based, On-Premise, or Hybrid
Best Practice Implementation
Reduction of Technology Drift
Fixed Time & Materials Cost

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IT systems do not appear overnight. Most often they are the culmination of many business decisions, successes, and failures stretching over a decade. Optimizing and re-aligning IT systems to existing and future needs can be a daunting task. Organizations may be incapable of achieving this in-house, or they may not have the time.

TekSurance was designed to be the program to rectify this situation. The program is a combination of products, services, and protocols to achieve realignment of the basics and then act as a baseline to build the specifics on top of.

By combining an innovative set of Managed IT Services with more Traditional IT Services such as consulting, support and helpdesk availability, 360 Smart Networks can provide systems and protocols to put you on and then keep you on the correct path.

Traditionally, Managed It Services in Atlanta have been available on an a la carte basis. At 360 Smart Networks, we believe that this is a recipe for disaster. No one service can be provided without bleed-over into another. TekSurance, therefore, is a complete program, much like an umbrella insurance policy.

By signing up for TekSurance, you are employing 360 Smart Networks as your IT Service Provider.

As the IT Service Provider, 360 Smart Networks acts as your IT person. The only difference is that your IT person now works 24/7, never goes on leave, and does not need health insurance.

They will never leave because they want to move on, up, or start an organic strawberry farm. They supply all their own software and hardware to take care of security, backups maintenance and documentation. On top of that, they always stay on top of technology and know what the correct next step has to be. In short, your TekSurance team is a superstar IT resource.

TekSurance is the most complete Managed IT Service program in Atlanta. It is a combination of Securance (Cyber Security), CloudSurance (Backup and Disaster Recovery), Maintenance and Support (daily care and feeding), and lastly, Projects (how to get from here to there). All the various systems, services, and protocols are integrated into a single program that allows 360 Smart Networks to be the best we can be. The only variability in service is based on whether you have existing IT resources that we have to augment or no existing services requiring us to do it all.

In cases where our clients have IT resources on-site, we tailor TekSurance to act as augmented IT resources. We provide the basics in terms of Securance — backup/disaster recovery — and then handle overflow for your on-site IT team. Our project team comes in on an as-needed basis for technology consulting and projects. TekSurance for existing on-site IT resources has proven to be incredibly successful in that it rectifies gaps in technical skills and continuity.

Unlike other Managed Service Providers in Atlanta, 360 Smart Networks realizes that TekSurance is not for everyone. Our target client is an organization that sees real benefit in IT for the purpose of creating revenue saving cost through improved efficiency. Typically, this will be industries such as professional service providers (medical, financial), commercial construction (architectural, engineering, and real estate) and industrial manufacturing. A golden thread that ties all of our clients together is an understanding of their own core business strengths and a realization that IT should not be part of that core.

IT Service Providers in Atlanta have a tendency to act as vendors. They sell their own branded products which means that they look at every problem with an eye to solve it by selling more of their own. Inevitably, the client becomes stuck in an environment that fails to function the way they want it to and locked into a relationship based on contractual and technical limitations. At 360 Smart Networks, we are technological agnostics. Of course, we have our preferred manufacturers and vendors, but we are careful to not push our clients into technical solutions that may be great for us but less than optimal for them.

360 Smart Networks has the knowledge to move clients to the cloud, move them out of the cloud, or build on-site solutions. The simple fact is that the cloud and everything around the cloud are components in our toolbox and only part of a strategy, not a solution in itself. The actual impacts of a technology decision on cost, functionality, and scalability are more important than the solution itself.

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