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Professional Services Firms

In the next few years, it’s expected that the traditional professional services industry will drastically evolve due to increasing client demands, employee expectations, and of course, technology advancements.

IT Support For Atlanta’s Professional Service Firms

360 Smart Networks is seeing firms completely alter the way they serve their client with the cloud, big data, artificial intelligence, and other forms of digitalization due to the growing demand for anytime, anywhere access to information.

In a world where technology will enable professional services to be delivered through online platforms, how will the traditional professional service firm stand out against the competition?

How Professional Service Firms Can Maintain Their Position of Authority in a Digitally Advanced World…

All professional services organizations face similar challenges when it comes to their technology, but similar is not the same. It’s in the nuance of proactive technology management for customized IT environments that the 360 Smart Networks team proves it’s worth. We know and understand the unique technology challenges for each and every professional service firm, including:

  • Accounting firms

  • Law firms

  • Insurance companies

  • Financial and wealth management firms

  • Insurance brokerages

  • And more

360 Smart Networks has carefully selected a team of IT professionals with specializations in the technologies leveraged by enterprises in the professional services sector. This comprehensive skill-set, combined with decades of experience in working with small to midsize enterprise clients, allows our team to provide your organization with the insight and flexibility of an outsourced CIO or CTO combined with a full slate of IT specialists.

Our team specializes in helping professional service firms maintain their position of authority in a digitally advanced world where competition AND customer demands are high. We know how to help you:

  • Use advanced communication methods to further your market reach.
  • Secure your network to keep confidential client information safe against attacks.
  • Access real-time data that helps you be more preventative in your advisory approach.
  • Automate time-consuming tasks to keep your team focused on revenue-growing work.

In addition, compliance to industry standards and legislative mandates (FINRA, SEC, PCI, HIPAA, FDIC, and others) necessitates an organizational alignment with an IT services firm that has a high degree of specialization in the IT side of compliance.

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360 Smart Networks helps professional services organizations to work through the process of developing an IT roadmap that enables our clients to utilize the IT assets they possess to their fullest potential and implement the IT assets they need to support organizational objectives while maintaining a robust cybersecurity posture. What 360 Smart Networks does for our enterprise-level professional services clients can be described on a high level as:

What About The Protection of Critical Workflow, Proprietary Information, and Client Privacy?

The 360 Smart Networks Team leverages a complex web of cybersecurity components that allow us to have full visibility into your technology stack. This granular level of cybersecurity management provides us with the tools we need to build concentric walls of protection around your organization. Some of the common cybersecurity elements that we deploy and maintain within a client organization are:

  • DNS filtering
  • Web filter
  • DNS scanning
  • Firewall
  • Email scanning
  • Reporting
  • Phishing
  • Security Audits
  • Intrusion detection
  • Leak protection
  • Staff training
  • Legal hold
  • Web monitoring
  • AV/Malware scanning

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