Okay. This is highly unusual. We are actually publishing our pricing. Giving away trade secrets. Our Sales Manager, Joe is totally flipping out. (Have you met him? He’s actually very nice.)

But, there’s a little bit of a catch: This is just an estimation to help you determine your budget.

Our industry is famous for “bundling” services and muddying the waters for those trying to make apples-to-apples comparisons. I wish it were as simple as answering a couple of questions to come up with a monthly price, but really it is more complicated. Every company is different and we tailor each service agreement to suit your company’s individual needs. Many factors influence your price: number of mobile users, the average age of your technology, specific industry compliance requirements, the complexity of your security requirements and responses, third-party software and hardware issues, and even corporate culture. I know! Who knew corporate culture was important?

So. Feel free to use our pricing estimator to give you a starting range, but please let us come talk to you face-to-face. We like that. Not only can we take a look around, get a feel for your business, and provide you with a more accurate quote… But, you’d also get to meet us!

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