Software Solutions

Highly specialized software solutions require specific support and network configurations that pose a significant challenge to enterprise-level firms with complex organizational IT structures and multi-site profiles.

Software Solutions for Architecture, Engineering, Construction, and Industrial Firms

Atlanta and North Georgia enterprises depend on 360 Smart Networks for this specialized development, configuration, and ongoing software management.

Software Solutions Support

Why Can’t My Firm Make Use of the Full Potential of CAD and BIM Applications?

CAD software and Building Information Modeling are central to the workflow of many of the small to large enterprises served by the 360 Smart Networks team. These specialized applications require massive computing resources that in turn ask for specific hardware and network configurations.

An individual designer can install and take full advantage of a CAD program, but issues begin at the point when you need to transfer a CAD app-generated file to a remote computer, or you need to access a remote CAD file. Multi-location engineering and design firms face that challenge on a daily basis and face the challenges posed by the limitations of their current IT environment.

The leadership of 360 Smart Networks has a deep background in the field of engineering, and as a result, understands the intricacies of the multilayered integrated solutions needed to facilitate the workflow of architecture, engineering, construction, and industrial firms.

Five Biggest Challenges that 360 Smart Networks Handles for Enterprise Level Firms that Utilize CAD, BIM or 3D Modeling Software

When Should Organizations Consider Outsourcing Software Support for Their Design and Modeling Applications?

Although it may sound basic when an organization requires answers to the following questions, they need to begin considering the need for outsourced software support.

  • What hardware do I need to run the software my organization wants to utilize?
  • How can users securely share or work with local and remote users?
  • How does this hardware connect securely to other computing systems?
  • How does the software communicate and integrate with other applications?
  • How should users log into the software?
  • How should files produced by the application be backed up and archived?

Software support is a challenge even for multinational corporations having dozens of high-paid IT experts on their payroll. The smart approach for an SME is to seek assistance from an IT consultancy team that offers enterprise IT services – from requirements analysis and software installation to app/server monitoring and IT support/maintenance.

CAD, BIM, and 3D modeling apps are sensitive to changes in your IT infrastructure, and the wrong replacement of a single router can be a problem. 360 Smart Networks eliminates such problems by documenting your complex web of IT components. This allows for efficient IT maintenance but also lays the foundation for sustainable network expansions and modifications in the future.

Benefits of Outsourcing the Management of Software for Architecture, Engineering, Construction, and Industrial Firms

  • Expert assessment of existing and required IT infrastructure
  • Hardware and software monitoring for smooth operation
  • Proper permissions setup for secure file access
  • Stable and efficient network file transfers
  • Remote assistance should an issue occur
  • Regular software updating and patching
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