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360 Smart Networks TekSurance

Technology Solutions for Small Business

TekSurance is a comprehensive integrated suite of products, services and protocols designed to provide businesses with the required level of Security, Backup, Disaster Recovery and Support to efficiently conduct their operations.

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Who We Are

Founded in 2002, 360 Smart Networks is one of the premier IT companies in the Atlanta metro that provides support, maintenance, and consulting services for businesses in the Southeast. Although there are many Atlanta IT companies that attempt to provide these services, 360 Smart Networks provides enterprise-level support, systems, services and relevant technology solutions to our clients, whether your architecture is cloud-based, in-house, or hybridized.

Under the Teksurance umbrella, 360 Smart Networks provides the new standard in security systems, backup solutions, and technical support resources that allow our clients to operate their businesses with efficiency.

We believe that honesty and integrity in all things, people, technical and business practices, are the keys to successful partnerships.
By providing quality small business IT support in Atlanta, as well as consistent, and reliable solutions at the correct time and price, 360 Smart Networks has provided the technology bedrock to allow our clients to grow and thrive. Due to our unwavering commitment to our clients, and neverending cycle of improvement we are honored to be rated as the foremost in Atlanta IT companies

Out of all the possible IT companies in Atlanta, how do you know that our services are right for your company? We believe that the combination of our values, our products, and our team provide you the quality and level of IT support that you have been lacking.

marius nel founder of it company in atlanta 360 smart networks
Only the coolest engineers wore dashikis.
it companies in atlanta founders 360 Smart Network
Joe and Nantes “way back when”.
360 Smart Networks
Our first real office space.
atlanta it company 360 smart networks offices at 655 Hembree Pkwy Ste D Roswell GA 30076
Our upgraded office.
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Our Boardroom
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“There’s got to be a better way…”

Our story begins in the mid-1990s in sub-Saharan Africa where Marius was employed as a Mechanical R&D Engineer in the arms industry. One day, while lying under a 60-ton battle tank, in a puddle of sweat, and with oil dripping into his eyes, he thought, “Surely there’s a better way to make a living.” Following his primary philosophy of finding out what to do and then doing it, he identified that getting into IT required a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer certification. He purchased the required books to study for the exam and two months later embarked upon his IT career. He quickly rose through the ranks and by 2000, was heading up the Commercial Service and Software Sales division for Enterprise Connection, the largest reseller of Microsoft and Compaq (now HP) in Africa.

In 2001, Marius was recruited to the US to work for an Atlanta IT company. He met a lot of talented folks but quickly became frustrated with the reactionary business model that was driven by hardware and software margins. Being an engineer, Marius has always viewed IT with an engineering slant: IT systems are no different than a machine that needs to be optimized for the job at hand. Selling for the sake of selling made no sense at all. There had to be a better approach to IT.

In 2002, he struck out on his own and started Interfuse CTI, LLC. It started small with Marius throwing his hat in as another IT company in Atlanta servicing small businesses. He had very few clients at first, but following his mantra of “Quality, Consistency, and Reliability,” that soon changed. For two years, he toiled day and night, until one day he paused and thought, “There’s a better way,” and called Nantes, one of those talented folks he met at that first Atlanta IT company.

Over the years, Marius and Nantes added customers and employees, juggling all the aspects of running a small business with all-hours services while continuing to focus on growth and improvement. They were a good pair, splitting up the responsibilities, but it was still too much. One day in 2010 they called Joe and said, “There’s got to be a better way.”

With Joe spearheading Sales, Marketing, and HR, Marius and Nantes were free to do what they do best — finding better ways. In 2010, InterfuseCTI started doing business as 360 Smart Networks, formalized their procedures, and officially registered the term TekSurance. Securance and CloudSurance quickly followed as “better way” solutions to the ever-evolving world of cyber threats and security. By combining tailored solutions into integrated systems designed to achieve specific security, disaster recovery, and support goals, 360 Smart Networks took the guesswork out of the complicated.

It is now the year 2019 and we feel that we have arrived at “the better way” and have become one of Atlanta’s premier IT companies. We have carefully crafted a company culture that attracts and retains the best and brightest talent, providing them with superior benefits and an environment that rewards growth freeing them to reach their fullest potential. We have spent months, years, and lots of cash researching and exploring ways to combat cyber attacks and streamline complex projects, while developing industry partnerships, and stacking a help desk with friendly and knowledgeable personnel to mitigate your crisis. Our multi-layered approach to protecting your systems and data ensure that we can reliably recover your information even in the event of a calamity. We believe that these combined factors provide our customers with the best possible experience they can find with an IT partnership. “The better way.”

…until our research indicated an even better way.”

Our first company logo
A bygone era… the original company name and logo.
Smart IT Services
Our first office.
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Smart Company + Smart Car = Smart Marketing
(until you need to haul a server)
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Inside our upgraded office.
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Hard at work in Support.

Whether working with existing in-house IT staff or taking care of your IT in its entirety, we have the products and services designed to provide the ultimate IT functionality. TekSurance is a comprehensive integrated suite of products, services, and protocols consisting of Securance, CloudSurance, Maintenance & Support, and Projects. It is designed to provide businesses with the required level of Security, Backup, Disaster Recovery, and Support to efficiently conduct their operations.

Securance is the first defense in our philosophy of Protection, Detection, and Mitigation. We identified as early as 2011 that relying solely on your security software to keep your information safe is an exceptionally dangerous strategy leaving you with a false sense of security. As counter-intuitive as it may seem, we have built our strategy on the assumption that it will fail and the idea that a successful cybersecurity strategy is actually a risk mitigation exercise.

Built on the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) proven collection of best security products, Securance protocols were designed to provide multiple layers of protection against known threats. Because we assume each layer to only be moderately effective, we not only rely on the product but also utilize third-party tools to identify anomalies and threats as they arise. Each component of Securance is linked to a different component that handles Detection in the event that the primary system fails.

Ultimately, however, all levels of protection are subject to failure in the world of cybersecurity. Cloudsurance is our backup in the very likely event that Securance fails. It assumes the worst: a complete loss of data, site, and subsystems. What makes the system unique is the fact that we do not rely on automated systems to lull us into a false sense of security. Every server backup is checked daily to ensure the backups are, in fact, up-to-date and functional.

When it comes to backups, you could say that we have a very real issue with paranoia. We provide the software, hardware and everything in between to make sure we can recover your data in almost any event.

We value our people. We pride ourselves in hiring the best professionals in the industry. Their diverse backgrounds and fields of expertise strengthen our company and enhance the solutions we provide our customers. Teamwork fueled by strong leadership, meticulous attention to detail, and a passion for what we do, ensure our clients the highest level of professional technology and support. The fact that 360 Smart Networks has the lowest personnel turnover of any Atlanta IT company speaks for itself.

The 360 Support and Maintenance team is not a helpdesk, it’s a part of your business. We like to think of ourselves as employees in your company and we take great care to ensure that our staff is very well-versed in your systems and business model. Our engineers are trained to be courteous and helpful under all circumstances and are never incentivized for time spent on support.

We understand that no one likes spending time on the phone with support staff. We strive to fix your issue without shuffling you between engineers. We also spend the required time maintaining your systems to ensure that we head off problems before they affect you with downtime. Believing that proper preventative maintenance reduces the need for support, we have adopted sophisticated methods to minimize support calls. We track and escalate issues outside of customer hours to see how we can control time spent on support. Internally, we follow a continuous cycle of improvement. All issues are looked at on the basis that we have to solve the problem and then figure out how to prevent it from happening again.

Our Project Team is an exceptional team of engineers with the required knowledge and experience to handle almost any build required. Because we do not mix our Projects and Support Teams, our engineers are able to complete projects within budget and on time.

Once a project is completed, the new systems are handed off to our Support Team to manage and maintain. 360 Smart Networks guarantees the functionality of all our projects. This means that we will not start a project if we cannot guarantee that it will work as promised. This also means that we will only do projects for existing TekSurance clients.

At 360 Smart Networks, we provide services to organizations that utilize technology stacks that have a measurable impact on value. Value is usually derived in many different forms but may be:

  • Lost productivity due to slow/down systems
  • Hours being spent on IT by non-IT resources
  • Issues not resolved in a timely manner resulting in lost productivity
  • Incorrectly configured or non-optimal infrastructure resulting in downtime and or slowness
  • Non-optimal base architecture at initial setup
  • Slow response to quickly changing IT environments
  • Downtime due to security events
  • Bad advice and lost capital due to purchasing the wrong equipment

This means that not all types of organizations will find value in our services. Verticals that do not rely on IT to conduct business or where downtime is not as integral an issue may be better off using other IT companies that offer services not offered by 360. We measure each cost against the value-added and give our clients the cost-benefit analysis to decide on what path they want to take.

Specific verticals where IT forms an integral part of the business model and lost productivity has a real impact on bottom line, include but is not always limited to the following industries:

Architectural Design, Engineering, and Real Estate

Architectural Design Firms, Engineering Firms, Interior Design Firms, Real Estate Developers, Real Estate Management, Commercial Build-Out Firms, and Commercial Furniture Companies all rely heavily on top-tier hardware and a high-functioning network to provide them with the tools for success. Their IT company needs to be forward-thinking and ahead of the technology curve to give them the edge over their competitors and to give their clients confidence in their competence.

Software such as AutoCAD, Revit, BIM programs, and various 3D modeling programs all present their own unique hardware challenges while plotters, multi-location firms, and need for remote access for large files present constant network challenges. 360 Smart Networks is the Atlanta IT company for that job.

­Medical and Professional Services


Medical Practices, Accounting Firms, Law Firms, Insurance Companies, Insurance Brokers, Financial & Wealth Management, PR & Advertising Firms all need an IT company that has proven experience with HIPPA Compliance, CIPC Compliance, PCI Compliance, Remote Access, Accounting Software, Cyber Security and Risk Management, and CRM Systems. 360 Smart Networks is one of the few Atlanta IT companies to understand these unique challenges and the risks non-compliance presents.

Industrial and Manufacturing

International Manufacturing, Warehousing, Wholesales, Distribution, Mining Support, and Environmental Planning… ERP Systems, GIS Systems, Fleet Management, CAD/CAM Systems, 3D Printing, Barcoding Systems, and Shipping Systems

Whether working with your in-house IT team or supporting your IT architecture entirely, 360 Smart Networks is the Atlanta IT company that will supply the services, systems, and guidance you need to move your vision forward.

Marius Nel - Founding Partner

Marius Nel

CEO/Founding Partner

Nantes Barnard - CTO/Partner

Nantes Barnard


Joe Bester - General Manager / Partner - IT expert company

Joe Bester

General Manager/Partner

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