IT Services
Architectural & Design Firms

Technology is revolutionizing the way architectural firms do business – allowing them to dramatically boost profitability when leveraging the right mix of technologies.

IT Services For Architects & Design Firms
Metro Atlanta & North Georgia

However, architectural firms must be strategic about what technologies they use to make the design process more efficient, and ultimately, help them achieve higher-quality outcomes.

Architectural Firms Need an IT Company That Understands the Internal Process Complexities of Their Industry to Truly Become Technologically Sophisticated.

Atlanta’s Top IT Services Company For Architectural & Design Firms

Many growing architectural enterprises are feeling the squeeze of technology that isn’t capable of supporting their multiple locations, desire to scale, or the work of remote employees. In addition, many growing architectural enterprises are starting to look towards advancements in technology to handle challenges, such as:

  • A lack of visibility into projects and/or resource availability
  • A lack of document management that enables real-time access
  • A lack of communication in terms of delays and changes
  • And much more

360 Smart Networks is familiar with the internal process complexities within the architectural industry. We understand the importance of secure anywhere, anytime access to information, as well as proper project and/or document management solutions to ensure a smooth workday for everyone involved.

How Does 360 Smart Networks Help Architectural & Design Firms Keep Their Data Secure?

Complex organizational IT structures require equally comprehensive, multi-component cybersecurity strategies combined with strategic countermeasures to combat ransomware, hacking attempts, data breaches, and more. 360 Smart Networks provides architectural firms that have twenty-five employees or more with an end-to-end, managed cybersecurity strategy that matches the high-level of technology dependence of the firm.

We have developed an integrated suite of services that cover your Cybersecurity management, maintenance, and consulting needs. It is uniquely named – TekSurance. TekSurance is based on our philosophy of protection, detection, and mitigation. TekSurance is made up of a few important elements:

  • Securance: Here, we focus on building a multi-layered protection system studded with tools for the detection of threats as soon as they occur. The system utilizes malware scanning, DNS filtering and scanning, web filtering and monitoring, firewall, mail scanning, intrusion detection, traffic monitoring, and security audits protocols. It can be spread to cover windows servers, desktops, laptops, tablets, iOS, and Android devices.
  • Maintenance and Support: We understand that you may have issues that you need us to resolve. To this end, we maintain a friendly and experienced customer support team to receive and respond to your questions and troubleshooting requests. But we don’t just wait for your call. Our system is designed to alert us when there are issues with your systems, and we often fix issues before you even notice that anything was wrong.
  • CloudSurance: CloudSurance is a disaster mitigation service. It consists of off-site top-of-the-line backup servers to which data is encrypted and backed up anywhere between every 15 minutes and every 24 hours. In the event of a system breach, failure, and consequent data loss, CloudSurance is on hand to ensure that your data is kept available for recovery. It works on Windows servers, Windows workstations, VMWare, ESXi, Hyper-V, Exchange, SQL, and Linux.

A Team Trained in Design Delivers Better IT Guidance for Architectural Workflow

One of the things that sets the 360 Smart Networks team ahead of the competition here in the Metro Atlanta and North Georgia area is the fact that our senior leadership has worked in engineering and understands a design workflow. We are engineers who provide IT services. This distinction gives us insight that other IT services providers do not have. Here is a list of some of the services that our team provides for enterprise-level architectural firms.

What Benefits Does Your Organization Receive By Partnering With 360 Smart Networks?

  • Controlled IT support costs
  • Increased technology efficiency
  • Access to dedicated IT consultant
  • Quick data and workflow recovery if needed
  • Proactive IT maintenance to avoid downtime
  • New and up-to-date software & technologies
  • Increased systems security
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