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Modern engineering firms rely on construction-focused hardware, advanced software, and analytics capabilities to handle increasingly complex and expensive projects. When it comes to keeping up with the competition, engineering firms must take advantage of innovative technologies designed to simplify their day-to-day operations, and therefore, help improve timelines, costs, and overall efficiency.

IT Services For Engineering & Industrial Firms
Metro Atlanta & North Georgia

The Significant Role of Technology in Engineering and the Necessity of Engineering-Specific IT Support

The integration of IT solutions in engineering firms with over twenty-five employees has greatly changed the internal processes of these enterprises. The introduction of cloud services has also played a role in this advancement – improving the security of data and facilitating the simplified use of multi-site operations.

Atlanta’s Trusted Name In Engineering & Industrial IT Services

Unfortunately, many larger engineering firms have internal teams that struggle keeping up with demand, or in some cases, they are dependent upon outsourced IT support teams that don’t have the depth of experience needed to support the IT side of their complex workflow. These scenarios result in:

  • Your firm’s technology environment becoming less secure.
  • Your clients getting impatient waiting for projects that haven’t been delivered on time.
  • Workflow slowdowns and/or halts because of hardware/software problems
  • Excessive money spent on temporary fixes to your systems

The 360 Smart Networks team understands these frustrations because we understand engineering. In fact, our senior leadership spent significant time in the engineering field before moving to the IT services realm. As a result, we know the struggles that small to midsize enterprises in the engineering field face when trying to grow. We’re here to help you avoid the pain and frustrations associated with poorly conceptualized and maintained engineering technologies. Our reputation for quality, consistency, and reliability is unmatched.

Ready for IT Services That Support the Complexities of Engineering Processes?

Technology impacts every aspect of the entire project lifecycle – from pre-construction to construction to operations and management and everything in between. If you’re not using an IT company that specializes in engineering firms, you’re likely experiencing difficulties in one or more areas of the project lifecycle, such as low field productivity or delays in material shipments or handling quality control at remote sites.

Fortunately, 360 Smart Networks maintains a seasoned team of IT engineers with a combined 120 years of experience. If your IT environment needs a change or upgrade, the 360 Smart Networks team is ready to deliver on time and within budget. Our project team is separated from our IT maintenance team to ensure that projects can be completed within the shortest time-frame possible.

Here are some of the projects that we tackle to help our clients in engineering have better IT systems to undergird their daily work processes.

Why Should Large Metro Atlanta and North Georgia Engineering & Industrial Firms Pay Attention to Their Cybersecurity Posture?

The answer is simple. Your entire firm is at risk if you’re not secure. We have developed an integrated suite of services that cover your Cybersecurity management, maintenance, and consulting needs. It is uniquely named – TekSurance.TekSurance is based on our philosophy of protection, detection, and mitigation. There are three main elements:

  • Securance: Here, we focus on building a multi-layered protection system studded with tools for the detection of threats as soon as they occur. The system utilizes malware scanning, DNS filtering and scanning, web filtering and monitoring, firewall, mail scanning, intrusion detection, traffic monitoring, and security audits protocols. It can be spread to cover windows servers, desktops, laptops, tablets, iOS, and Android devices.
  • Maintenance and Support: We understand that you may have issues that you need us to resolve. To this end, we maintain a friendly and experienced customer support team to receive and respond to your questions and troubleshooting requests. But we don’t just wait for your call. Our system is designed to alert us when there are issues with your systems, and we often fix issues before you even notice that anything was wrong.
  • CloudSurance: CloudSurance is a disaster mitigation service. It consists of off-site top-of-the-line backup servers to which data is encrypted and backed up anywhere between every 15 minutes and every 24 hours. In the event of a system breach, failure, and consequent data loss, CloudSurance is on hand to ensure that your data is kept available for recovery. It works on Windows servers, Windows workstations, VMWare, ESXi, Hyper-V, Exchange, SQL, and Linux.
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