Nantes Barnard


Nantes Barnard | Partner/CTO

Nantes is an experienced senior technical consultant with over 20 years’ experience. After graduating with a civil engineering diploma in 1991, he worked as a consulting engineer focusing on the emerging information technology used by engineering firms. He migrated from civil engineering to the IT industry as a consultant specializing in IT integration, network support, infrastructure management and systems design. He spent time as senior technical project manager for an IT consulting firm managing the technical department and its senior technical support engineers. His responsibility was to manage the implementation of multiple infrastructure and systems integration projects.  In 2000,  Nantes was contracted by The Armaments Corporation of South Africa to be part of a team of experts planning their new technology project. This new technology project included the migration of thousands of users from Novell Netware to Microsoft Windows.

Nantes immigrated to the US in 2001 and joined 360 Smart Networks in 2004. Since then, he has worked as a senior systems consultant at multiple client sites, specializing in network integration and migration projects. He has successfully implemented and maintained a variety of networks and computer-based phone systems.

With his unique background in systems managements, maintenance engineering, and excellent IT technical skills, Nantes is exceptionally qualified as our Chief Technology Officer.

Civil Engineering Diploma, Programming Diploma, Project Management Diploma



Master CNE

Artisoft SE.

Windows 2000 MCSE