CloudSurance Offers a Comprehensive Data Backup, Disaster Recovery, and Business Continuity Solution for Small, Midsize, and Large Enterprises in Metro Atlanta & North Georgia.

A thorough, step-by-step approach to data backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity planning is required to help enterprises reach a more mature level of resilience. Most organizations understand the importance of having a comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery solution.

Atlanta Cloud Services & Cloud Solutions

Nowadays, information technology is the foundation of virtually all business operations, and for that reason, most business continuity and disaster recovery solutions focus on it. But not all business continuity and disaster recovery solutions are the same.

CloudSurance provides small to large enterprises with a complete disaster recovery and business continuity strategy – removing the risk of data loss from the organization’s risk posture.

We focus on helping you reach a more mature level of resilience with:

  • RTOs and RPOs established with systems designed accordingly to meet those requirements.
  • Innovative policy, processes, and practices incorporated into the disaster recovery and business continuity strategy.
  • Emergency roles established, routinely updated, and communicated to all individuals required.
  • Cross-functional business continuity capabilities designed with precision to ensure flawless recovery.
  • Sophisticated business protection strategies developed, implemented, and tested properly.
  • Key customers and/or partners identified with the most accurate, up-to-date contact information maintained.

What is CloudSurance?

CloudSurance is a specially designed backup and disaster recovery solution made for large to small enterprises. Hardware failure, data deletion, weather events, power failures, and other circumstances can put an organization into crisis mode. In 2018, the City of Atlanta experienced 9+ days of downtime due to a ransomware attack. CloudSurance eliminates the risk of being unable to operate when unfortunate circumstances arise.

How is CloudSurance More Mature Than Traditional Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Strategies?

As mentioned above, we focus on helping you reach a more mature level of resilience to any sort of unfortunate circumstances. We do this by ensuring all of the features and functionalities you need are included:

  • Complete On/Off-Site Backup
  • Comprehensive Disaster Recovery
  • Rapid Recovery
  • Low Server Overhead
  • Server Recovery
  • Deduplication
  • Site-Loss Recovery
  • Daily Backup Checks
  • No Data Backup Window
  • Encryption at Rest
  • No Data Overage Costs
  • Encryption in Transit

How Does CloudSurance Work?

  • Network servers (virtual and physical) have a continuous backup strategy deployed. Information across the network is backed up continuously or in 15 minute to 24-hour increments to an onsite backup appliance. This is dependent upon available bandwidth.
  • All data is deduplicated and transmitted in an encrypted manner to secure and encrypted storage offsite. This means in the event of an on-premises disaster that impacts the onsite backup appliance, you’re still able to access all of your data.
  • A virtual safety net is ensured by rapidly creating virtual instances of all servers and devices backed up on the network. Our team of disaster recovery professionals can create standby instances of any server in a disaster situation.
  • Only 2% of server overhead is utilized during the process – allowing for continuous data backup and the elimination of server processor overhead and bandwidth challenges on the organization’s network.

What Network Servers & Network Services Does CloudSurance Work With?

  • Microsoft Windows Servers

  • Microsoft Windows Workstations

  • Microsoft Exchange Server

  • Microsoft SQL Server

  • ESXI VMWare

  • Microsoft Hyper-V Services

  • Linux