TekSurance – Cybersecurity for Small to Large Enterprises in Metro Atlanta and North Georgia

When you take a gamble on cybersecurity, the odds are never in your favor. Yet so many businesses push security to the side while they focus on innovation in terms of technology.

Innovation is great, but in today’s increasingly connected world, it’s more important than ever before to have a security-first approach wherein cybersecurity is built into every layer of your infrastructure from the start.

This creates a cohesive barrier against hackers, malware, ransomware, and internal espionage.

What is TekSurance?

TekSurance is a comprehensive suite of products and services that range from security and cloud storage to IT maintenance, special projects, and helpdesk support. TekSurance gives SMEs in Metro Atlanta or North Georgia a web of cybersecurity components and management that is as comprehensive as their workflow is complex. Everything is protected, and all of the organization’s IT assets work together to protect against, detect, and thwart attacks.

Many organizations haven’t reached the next level of IT operational maturity and are still taking a piecemeal approach to IT implementations and support. Their systems are a product of years of decisions, as well as successes and failures. Some of their assets are state-of-the-art, and others are outdated.

TekSurance rectifies this by implementing any needed realignment of the foundational blocks of your IT system and building your specific infrastructure from there. This enables us to think about security each step of the way – incorporating the right measures, policies, and solutions to protect every layer of your infrastructure NOW rather than waiting until vulnerabilities are left open due to a lack of forethought.

What’s Included in TekSurance?

Our TekSurance offering can be most easily understood through it’s three individual components:

  • Securance: designing, and managing a multi-layered, integrated cybersecurity solution that combines defensive walls of protection, continuous monitoring for threat detection, and strategic countermeasures.
  • Maintenance and Support: leveraging our friendly and experienced team of IT specialists to resolve troubleshooting requests and answer your employees day-to-day technology questions.
  • CloudSurance: backing up and securing data and workflow within the cloud so that an organization can continue to operate when impacted by a negative criminal, natural, or human error circumstance that limits local access to data and internal processes. CloudSurance works on Windows servers, Windows workstations, VMWare, ESXi, Hyper-V, Exchange, SQL, and Linux.

Unlike other managed IT services, TekSurance comes as a complete program. A la carte packages too often result in a hyper-focus on strengths and the neglect of your system’s weaknesses.

Let’s start safeguarding your entire infrastructure now. Call (770) 518-7087 or email us at sales@360smartnet.com to get started.

When you deploy all the elements of TekSurance under one umbrella, your organization is protected by a complete and balanced cybersecurity program that efficiently covers all the bases. This is accomplished through a comprehensive web of integrated cybersecurity components that can include:

  • AV/Malware scanning
  • Web monitoring
  • DNS filtering
  • Web filter
  • DNS scanning
  • Firewall
  • Email scanning
  • Reporting
  • Phishing
  • Security Audits
  • Intrusion detection
  • Leak protection
  • Staff training

These tools link together to protect your organization’s servers, desktops, laptops, browser, tablets, and phones. When security measures are paired with deduplicated backups, even an artfully designed attack won’t knock your corporation off course.

Who Needs TekSurance? Do Specific Industries Benefit More Than Others?

TekSurance isn’t for every organization. The comprehensive nature of the program means it leans on efficiency to protect organizations and lower costs. In most cases, those who benefit most from TekSurance are small to midsize enterprises operating in these or similarly tech-dependent industries.

The leaders of organizations within these industries understand their core business strengths and also recognize that their IT is too important to be left to chance.

Can Our Internal IT Team Use TekSurance?

TekSurance works for enterprise-level organizations with in-house IT teams as well as an external managed IT service. An organization with on-site IT resources has the option to mold TekSurance to augment or even replace current functions. The 360 Smart Networks team can also provide the basic program and then hand the rest over to your dedicated IT team.

Contact us at (770) 518-7087 or send us an email at sales@360smartnet.com to get started now.