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Technology is powering virtually every aspect of any given company – offering the chance to achieve greater success, but what happens when that technology doesn’t work properly? What’s the best way to get back up-and-running?

A Single Point of Contact to Help Your Firm Avoid the Staggering Cost of Downtime.

IDG Enterprise found that 71% of technology decision-makers believe data will create new lines of business and revenue streams within 3 years.

Help Desk Services in Atlanta

The fact is, data has the ability to help you make strategic business decisions for the better. Ultimately, data has become essential to businesses looking to grow. If you don’t have access to your technology, you don’t have access to your data, and as a result, your entire operations are impacted in a huge way.

360 Smart Networks offers the proactive troubleshooting and support required for companies throughout Metro Atlanta and North Georgia. Our help desk support helps your firm avoid the staggering cost of downtime that happens when you can’t access your data because your technology isn’t functioning properly.

A Different Approach to the Traditional Help Desk Support Model…

360 Smart Networks takes a different approach to the traditional help desk support model. Our team of IT specialists plays an integral role in each of our clients’ organizations – providing high-level IT consulting, as well as dealing with questions and troubleshooting requests within the larger framework of securing, optimizing, and managing the organization’s complex IT infrastructure.

Our engineers are well-versed in each organization’s technology stack and workflow requirements. This means we’re able to quickly resolve any sort of issues that may arise, because we know in a fast-paced marketplace, consumers aren’t usually fond of companies being down that long.

How Metro Atlanta and North Georgia Enterprises Contact Our Help-Desk Services

Our help desk services make it easy for enterprises in the region to get help when they need it most. Our clients simply reach out to us by:

  • Telephone

  • Email

  • Help desk chat

What Makes Our Help Desk Service Offering Different?

360 Smart Networks understands that our clients leverage technology to power their business in a multitude of ways. Whether you’re leveraging technology to lower administrative costs, automating time-consuming tasks, using data analytics to make well-informed decisions, enabling your team to work remotely or something else, we know you depend on your technology. That’s why we make it our highest priority to resolve issues without the need to shuffle them from engineer to engineer within your company.

Our background makes us unique within the Atlanta and North Georgia market. Our leadership began their careers in engineering, and as a result, we have miles of insight into what is needed from the IT side to support the workflow of tech-dependent organizations in the fields of architecture, engineering, construction, and industrial.

We also believe that proper preventative maintenance reduces the need for help desk support, which is why we have adopted sophisticated methods to keep complex enterprise systems running flawlessly. This may include:

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