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Another business falls victim to ransomware every 14 seconds with experts predicting this number will shrink to every 11 seconds by 2021.

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Cybercrime is the digital epidemic we can’t ignore. In fact, cyber-attacks are the fastest growing crime.

We’ve seen them increase in size, cost, and sophistication. Marriott, Equifax, and Yahoo are all prime examples of the serious nature of cyber-attacks. In each of these cases, millions of customers were impacted.

IT Security Services Atlanta

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Cybersecurity is not an IT department, CIO or CSI issue alone. Every employee, CEO, and board member within the organization needs to be aware of the risks.

Why? Because leaked documents, breaches, and attacks impact stock prices, competitive edge, and of course, your reputation. Consider these important questions for a moment…

If you answered “no” to any of the questions above, you’re not prepared for the inevitable. Every company in virtually every industry holds valuable data and trade secrets. If it hasn’t been compromised already, there will be an attempt made in the future. Every statistic out there shows us this.

What Does 360 Smart Networks Do?

360 Smart Networks is well-positioned to provide cybersecurity solutions for complex IT infrastructures. We partner with only the top cybersecurity vendors to provide organizations like yours with end-point protection, network security, wireless security, perimeter protection, firewall management, web security, email security, and a wealth of interrelated cybersecurity solutions. Securance is our complete end-to-end cybersecurity solution that minimizes the risks for Metro Atlanta and North Georgia Organizations.

What Is Securance?

Securance is a managed information technology security and cybersecurity solution – providing multi-level and integrated programs that deal with any present or potential security threat. Securance offers a high-level strategic cybersecurity experience for large corporations that require an enterprise-level technology security solution. This solution covers the entire IT infrastructure for the SME.

Securance ensures that servers, desktops, laptops, and tablets are protected, along with the entire underlying network. The average cyber breach goes undetected for approximately 191 days, then requires 66 days to ensure that it is 100% contained. Your organization can’t tolerate that level of disruption and potential downtime. Securance allows us to know immediately if a cyber attack occurs – allowing us to deploy rapid, strategic countermeasures with expert precision.

What Threats Does Securance Mitigate?

Securance is a complex web of cybersecurity components – working together and perfectly designed to offer comprehensive protection. Securance protects against:

  • Malware
  • Viruses
  • DNS attacks
  • Email scams and phishing
  • Ransomware
  • Data leaks
  • Spyware
  • Internal threats

Why Choose Securance?

Relying solely on your cybersecurity software to protect your organization is not a sound strategy. Enterprise-level firms must have a comprehensive cybersecurity solution that is designed, maintained, and managed to provide adequate protection across the entire organization.

Why is it dangerous to rely almost exclusively on security software without an overarching, multi-component cybersecurity strategy?

An individual piece of security software can and will eventually fail, and there are no guarantees when one relies exclusively on software for security.

The Cybersecurity Solutions that Make Up the Securance Program

Firewall and Secure WiFi Solutions

Securance uses both desktop and virtual software solutions designed to protect your network, starting at the point of firewall and Internet access. The Securance early detection monitoring system gives you a head start on any hackers or breaches. Securance references both human and automated behaviors for dual-layer protection.

Antivirus and Antimalware Solutions

Securance comes with essential antivirus and antimalware systems, which our cybersecurity team installs and continuously monitors on both desktops and network servers. All solutions are rapidly integrated into our 360 Smart Networks help desk in Alpharetta (Roswell), GA. 360 Smart Networks has complete visibility into what is occurring on your business systems, and if an issue arises, our team of certified professionals can rapidly address that concern.

Website and Traffic Filtering Solutions

Securance incorporates a comprehensive DNS and website filtering solution. All traffic from your end users is filtered through a series of in-depth screening solutions which will prevent access to websites with unauthorized content, web services that are infected with malware, known spam websites, pornography, and other suspect materials. Securance blocks and prevents suspicious incoming traffic, allowing only authorized and clean information into your network.

Email Security Solutions

Email systems are potentially the biggest weakness for small to large enterprises. The email security solutions built into the Securance program scan all incoming and outgoing emails, ensuring any threats are removed before they hit the employee’s inbox. Securance removes the risk of an employee clicking on phishing links or downloading a malicious file that launches a ransomware attack. With email security in place, we can effectively remove the risk of employees being the entry point for a potentially major security event.

Do You Need Cybersecurity Awareness Training?

Employees are often the main entry point of a major cybersecurity breach. Engaging with 360 Smart Networks and the Securance program makes sure all employees receive cybersecurity awareness training. We also test them in a real-world environment to ensure that they understand the practical application of the training.

Does Securance Help with Industry-Specific Compliance?

The above systems and protocols are only the beginning of the Securance technology stack. Once the essential protections are in place, 360 Smart Networks applies protocols customized for your organization. This includes, but is not limited to, compliance with the mandates included in HIPAA, SEC, PCI, FINRA, and FDIC.

Do you want to be more prepared for an attack? 360 Smart Networks offers the layered cybersecurity solution you need to protect, detect, and remediate.

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