Phishing Scams
How Can You Identify A Phishing Threat?

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen countless businesses and organizations around the world transition unexpectedly to remote, online working. With more and more employees accessing organizational email accounts from home, there has been a surge in phishing scams by cyber scammers. The latter is hoping to take advantage of increasing fear and confusion.

Marius Nel

Meet Our CEO Marius Nel

Marius has over 25 years of extensive technical and business managerial experience. After beginning his career in the R&D sector of mechanical engineering Marius made the switch to IT in 1996, first acting as a technical support engineer and later moving up to the departmental general manager of a large JSE-listed company. After immigrating to the U.S. in 2001, Marius began laying the foundation for what would eventually become 360 Smart Networks.